Southern Irish Terrier Rescue Information

As a numerically small breed we are pleased to report that Irish Terriers requiring Rescue are of a manageable number.  However, when rescues do occur they often need immediate action.

We are proud of what Irish Terrier Rescue has achieved, but none of this would be possible without the dedicated work of the Breed Club Rescue Officers and others who lend a hand when needed.

*As helping these dogs cost money we do ask that a donation is made by those taking a Rescue Irish Terrier.

We are most grateful to friends and members who generously donate to our Rescue Fund, ensuring our ability to cover most eventualities as they arise.

Our Aims

  • Inspire owners present and future to get the best from their dogs
  • Re-home Irish - finding permanent caring homes
  • Inform prospective owners and promote responsible ownership
  • Share our enthusiasm and knowledge of the breed
  • Help when difficult decisions have to be made

Why rescue an Irish Terrier?

Obtaining a dog of any breed through rescue should not be seen as a cheap way of obtaining a pedigree dog.

Irish terriers come into rescue for a variety of reasons

  • Death of the owner
  • Change in circumstances - longer working hours, marriage breakdown, moving abroad etc
  • Fall outs with other dogs in the household
  • Owner buying a puppy without thinking through the consequences

Waiting for a Rescue Dog?

When you take on an adult dog it is a good plan to have several months ahead to settle the dog into the household without the interruption of holidays etc.

Order ID discs for your dogs' collar with your mobile/landline number and post code.

Discuss with your family where the dog is going to sleep (somewhere cosy and quiet). Is he allowed on the sofa? Upstairs? Everyone needs to agree.

Check your boundaries, a hedge is no deterrent to any dog, check gate catches.

There is no reason that your dog needs to be forward of the building line of your property, remember people need to be able to walk to your front door without being "greeted" by your dog and not everyone closes gates - even with a notice on it.

You will need to keep the dog on the lead for several weeks until he/she has bonded with you. If you are doubtful about his/her recall, search the internet for '' to see if there is an enclosed field near you that you can hire and exercise your dog in safety.

Think about insurance for you dog, shop around and see whats available.

Veterinary costs can really add up!

If you would like further information please contact Mrs Jill Looker.    Tel:01264 850255  or via email

A copy of this information and a questionnaire for you to complete in order to be placed on the waiting list can be obtained from the buttons below.

Once you have printed and completed the Questionnaire please forward the form to:-

Mrs Jill Looker, SITS Rescue & Re-homing, Fairview, Sunton, Collingbourne Ducis, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 3DZ

Or you can email the completed form to



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