Championship Show Calendar


20th January 2024ManchesterMr J Ashe
10th March 2024CruftsMrs W Bower
6th April 2024National Terrier Club Mr P Richardson
26th April 2024WELKS Mrs J Looker
12th May 2024Birmingham National
Mr N Connell
16th May 2024Scottish Kennel Club Mr T Ball
26th May 2024
Mrs F Chapman-King
1st June 2024Southern Counties (No CC's)Mrs S Juutilainen (Finland)
8th June 2024Three Counties Mrs J Robertson
16th June 2024Border Union (AVNSC)Miss N Spencer
23rd June 2024Blackpool (No CC's)Mr B Day
23rd June 2024ITA Mr K Bartlett
29th June 2024Windsor TBC
5th July 2024Boston (No CC's)M Armstrong
28th July 2024Leeds Mrs J Eyeington
2nd August 2024Paignton & District (AVNSC)Mrs P Blay
12th August 2024BournemouthTBC
16th August 2024Welsh Kennel Club TBC
25th August 2024Driffield TBC
31st August 2024City of Birmingham (No CC's)TBC
7th September 2024Richmond (No CC's) AV TerrierTBC
13th September 2024DarlingtonMr P Davies
28th Spetember 2024BelfastTBC
5th October 2024Southern Irish Terrier Mr P Wilkinson
11th October 2024South Wales KA (No CC's)TBC
25th October 2024Midland Counties (No CC's)TBC
November 2024North of England I.T.C. Mrs C Bamsey
12th December 2024Ladies Kennel Association TBC


13th Aprin 2024North of England I.T.C. Stephen R Goodwin
26th May 2024S.I.T.STBC
15th September 2024ITA Open
Alison Kenny-Marriott
1st December 2024S.I.T.S. Limit ShowTBC
General Championship Show Dates are Terrier Day OnlyDates based on information at time of going to press which may be subject to change