Limit Show 2001



I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Southern Irish Terrier Society Limited Show held at Dummer.  A great atmosphere & may I say (tongue in cheek) truly Irish!  BIS was Seabridge's SUJONCLA BLACKFOOT;  RBIS - Bradley's MONTELLE CELTIC STAR; & BP - Seabridge's SUJONCLA TA OYA TE DUTA, son of the aforementioned Blackfoot.  I found no poor feet but ear carriage needs some improvement.  All were of excellent temperament.

Class winners were:

Murdoch & Ward's INDIRA ORLA, bitch, reasonable good head, good textured coat, well placed tail, good ben of stifle, firm body & muscle, moved OK.

Seabridge's SUJONCLA TA OYA TE DUTA, 7 months baby but already showing promise, good glat skull, eye, mouth, ear placement, all giving good expression, lengthy neck, well laid shoulders, good topline, well balanced.  Movement needs to settle but this comes with experience.  BP

Seabridge's SUJONCLA BLACKFOOT, lovely type, well balanced throughout, good head, eye, mouth, ear carriage, sharp expression, reachy neck, well placed shoulders, good topline & tailset, deep chest, straight front, good rear angulation, moved well.  Pulled himself up to show his attributes to advantage particularly when challenging the bitch winner.  BIS

Bamsey's JACMIRE MY GIRL, nice well balanced puppy, good head & expression.  Ears a little erratic at the moment, probably still teething, nice length of neck, good shoulder, well muscled up for age, moved reasonably, sound.

O'Brian & Looker's EDBRIOS BERNIE'S LOVE, stylish young lady, lovely expression, flat skull, good eye, correct ear carriage, good neck, shoulders, topline & tailset, long ribcage, straight front, nice turn of stifle, moved well.  Missed subsequent class & did not challenge at the end.

Fryer's SUJONCLA SQUAMISH, just 6 months & very much a raw baby.  Nice size, neat head, good neck & shoulders.  Ears & movement unsettled but has ample time to steady up in both departments.  Balanced outline when standing.

O'Brian & Looker's EDBRIOS SINEAD TOO, balanced well made bitch of good proportions, good head & expression but ears could be used to more advantage.  Well set tail, good topline, strong quarters, excellent coat & colour, well muscled up.

Ruffles' RUFFMAR BRONZED BRACKEN, flat skull, good mouth, correct ear carriage, nice reach of neck, well placed shoulders, straight front, firm muscle tone, moved well both ways.

Bradley's MONTELLE CELTIC STAR, aptly named young lady who pushed the dog hard for the top spot.  Lovely head, eye, mouth, ear carriage all good, good length of neck, well laid shoulders, good topline, well set tail, nicely angulated, firm muscle, coat of good texture & colour, moved well.  BB & RBIS

Ruffles' RUFFMAR BRONZED ORCHID, 11 years old bitch who could still show the youngsters a thing or two, enjoying her day out, one of the best movers on the day.