Championship Show 2002



The Southern Irish Terrier Society held its CH show in Minstead where BIS was JUST WILLIAM OF NARANJARBIS SUJONCLA SANTEE  BP BRAZEN BOLD PRINT.

It was a great pleasure to judge at this Ch show where a pleasing entry had been received.  It is interesting to note that while the dog entry was smaller, I found more quality in the males than the bitches.

One or two observations, firstly, while all pads were sound, pasterns were weak in a number of exhibits giving poor front movement.  On the plus side, temperaments were good & no really bad mouths.

Beginners Dog (1) 
1st  Hemmings' KENILLEN FINBAR OF KERRYKEEL, nice size, balanced head, keen expression, neat ears, fair length of neck deep chest.  Showed well but moving a little close behind.

Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1st  Lovelace's BRAZEN BOLD PRINT, upstanding puppy, lean head of good length, well placed ears & dark eye giving keen expression, straight coat, well developed chest for age, in good coat, good bone & feet.  Needs time for movement to settle.  BP

Puppy Dog (2) 
1st Turner & Willett's MORGOTHS DEVIL IN DISGUISE, well developed puppy in good coat & condition, well placed ears, far expression.  A little strong in skull.  Good neck, straight front.  A little loose in forehand but moved positively behind.
2nd  Davie's BENSHEIR FEACHRA, pleasing puppy, needs time to develop.  In good coat, quality bone, good feet.

Junior Dog (1)
1st  SEABRIDGE'S SUJONCLA SANTEE, nicely balanced with well proportioned head, neat well placed ears, food expression, fair length of neck, straight front, deep chest.  Just a little unsettled in front movement but went well behind with plenty of drive.  RDCC & RBIS

Post Graduate Dog (3)
1st Atkinson's WYNDAM MR MAJESTYK, attractive, correct size, pleasing outline, excellent bone & substance, first class feet, balanced head, dark eye.  Would like a little more lift in ear.  In great coat of good coloured texture, covered the ground well on the move on well muscled quarters.

Limit Dog (2) 
1st  Noonan & Williamson's JUST WILLIAM OF NARANJA, quality dog of correct size, yet with excellent bone & substance, without coarseness, balanced head, well placed ears & dark eye giving keen expression, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, straight front, correct depth of chest, fair length of back, tail on top.  Used his well muscled quarters to advantage when moving, giving sound easy action absolutely correct both front & rear.  Superb feet, correct pasterns.  The whole picture was finished by faultless presentation & expert handling.  DCC & BIS

Open Dog (4)
1st  Seabridge's SUJONCLA BLACKFOOT, tall & racy, long lean head, dark eye, good reach of neck, straight front, covered the ground well on the move, good showman.
2nd  Batley's PENMIRE ERIK THE RED, different type to 1.  More cobby in build, good bone & feet, deep chest, good spring of rib, correct tailset, showed well.

Veteran Dog (2)
1st  Jess' MOHER'S MILKY MULLIGAN, nice to see him again, now 7 years & showing well as always.  Pleasing head, well set & carried ears.  Can show the youngsters how to move.

Beginners Bitch (2)
1. McBridges' ANARUPEE WITH LOCKSWAY, a real baby enjoying her ring experience, time well improve.  Good textured coat, balanced head.  At present a little light in ear carriage, moves soundly when she settles.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)
1st   Noonan & Williamson's NARANJA MERRY DANCER, attractive & in good coat of the right texture, well proportioned head with dark eye giving keen expression, good bone & feet, well developed chest for age, moved & showed well.  BP 

Puppy Bitch (1)
1st  Noonan & Williamson's NARANJA MERRY DANCER.

Junior Bitch (2)
1st  Batley's GABLEDOWN CALYPSO, showy bitch, lean head of good length with dark eye giving keen expression, reachy neck, well laid shoulders, deep chest, correct length of back with tail on top, well made quarters with correct angulation, moved with drive, in nice condition. RBCC

Novice Bitch (3)

Post Graduate Bitch (7)
1st  Stafford Smith's CRIMSON CRACKER, attractive bitch, well presented & shown, balanced head, dark eye, uses ears all the time, fair length of neck, deep chest though a touch too wide.  Well sprung ribs, correct set on, moves with drive from well muscled quarters.
2nd  Ruffles RUFFMAR BRONZED BRACKEN, pleasing type, excellent coat of harsh texture, correct length of back, good depth of chest, good bone & feet, balanced head, dark eye.  Did not use ears to advantage.  3.  Crawley's INCHCORE FIONNUALA.

Limit Bitch (5)
1st  Ruffles' RUFFMAR BRONZED TEAZEL, nicely put together, fair length of head, good length of neck, straight front, well developed chest, good spring of rib.  When she sparks can look so different, just not putting enough into the job today.
2nd  Summers' Newguild TOFFEE, good conformation, long head, neat ears though a little unsettled.  Reachy neck, good length of body, coat of excellent colour & texture.  Could have shown more interest.

Open Bitch (3) 
1st  Barker's CH COCKSURE CALYPSO, showy bitch with plenty of top honours under her belt.  Head well proportioned, neat well carried ears.  Lacking the true D'hurty expression.  Good length of neck, well laid shoulders, deep chest if not a little too wide.  Good length of back, tail on top.  Pads are sound but feet could be tighter with more strength of pastern.  Moved well behind with plenty of drive to take BCC.
2nd  Heron's CARAC BONNY CLABBER, rangy type, long head, in very good coat of correct texture & lovely colour, good bone & feet.  Very unsettled in movement.

Veteran Bitch (3)
1st  Fegan's CH RUFFMAR FLAITHULACH & 2. Ruffles' RUFFMAR BRONZED ORCHID, two sisters of 12 years, both in excellent coat & condition.  1 went over her sister on refinement.